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Conference: Youth in the labor market in middle and east Europe

Employment Institute was on the conference „Youth in the labor market in middle and east Europe“, organized by Friedrich Ebert Foundation on 17th September in Warsaw. Representatives of V4 countries (from Slovakia Employment Institute), Germany and Lithuania introduced problems of youth entering to the national labor market and evaluated an effectiveness of measures realized for purpose of lowering unemployment of youth in their countries.

The same problem of V4 countries and Lithuania is the mismatch between educational system and the labor market and mainly theoretical education instead of practical. The reason why the unemployment rate of young people is the highest in Slovakia, is an increasing number of studying people at the third degree.

Unemployment rate of people younger than 25 in concerned countries, 2012, Eurostat

Slovakia34,0 %
Hungary28,1 %
Poland26,5 %
Lithuania26,4 %
Czech republic19,5 %
Germany8,1 %