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Minimal wage in Slovakia

Minimum wage in Slovakia is governed by law on minimal wage. It is updated yearly, usually by formula given in the law (57 % of average wage two years prior).

Currently, minimal wage is 750 € monthly or 4,310 €/hod hourly.

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Development of minimal wage in Slovakia since 1991 until 2023 in Slovak crown and Euro:

Valid fromEuro€ per hour
2024-01-01750.00 €4.310 €/hour
2023-01-01700.00 €4.023 €/hour
2022-01-01646.00 €3.713 €/hour
2021-01-01623.00 €3.580 €/hour
2020-01-01580.00 €3.333 €/hour
2019-01-01520.00 €2.989 €/hour
2018-01-01480.00 €2.759 €/hour
2017-01-01435.00 €2.500 €/hour
2016-01-01405.00 €2.328 €/hour
2015-01-01380.00 €2.184 €/hour
2014-01-01352.00 €2.023 €/hour
2013-01-01337.70 €1.941 €/hour
2012-01-01327.20 €1.880 €/hour
2011-01-01317.00 €1.822 €/hour
2010-01-01307.70 €1.768 €/hour
2009-01-01295.50 €1.698 €/hour
2008-02-018100 Sk46.6 Sk/hour
2007-10-018100 Sk46.6 Sk/hour
2006-10-017600 Sk43.7 Sk/hour
2005-10-016900 Sk39.7 Sk/hour
2004-10-016500 Sk37.4 Sk/hour
2003-10-016080 Sk35.0 Sk/hour
2002-10-015570 Sk32.0 Sk/hour
2001-10-014920 Sk26.6 Sk/hour
2000-01-014400 Sk23.8 Sk/hour
1999-04-013600 Sk19.4 Sk/hour
1998-01-013000 Sk16.4 Sk/hour
1996-04-012700 Sk14.6 Sk/hour
1993-10-012450 Sk13.3 Sk/hour

Suggested citation: PÁLENÍK, M.: Dávkový, daňový a odvodový systém na Slovensku, Inštitút zamestnanosti, Univerzita Komenského v Bratislave, 2023, ISBN: 978-80-223-5755-5, doi:10.5281/​zenodo.10403110.

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Minimal wage in Slovakia

Development of minimal wage in Slovakia since 1991 until 2023 in Slovak crown and Euro.. . .

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