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Region upper Hron river

consists of counties:

map of region upper Hron river

Region is situated in central part of Slovakia. Relief is mainly mountaineus. Massive of Nízke Tatry makes marked barier in the north. Other part of the area is filled by mountains of Slovenské Rudohorie. Head line of the area is a basin of river Hron - Horehronské Podolie. There occured specific situation in economic development. Because of administrative classification changes. In 1996, there were separated several districts from central \native\ district and were developping in different rate. Central native districts (Banská Bystrica, Zvolen) achieve today upper standard, while separated districts (Detva, Brezno) achieve lower standard in employment and labour market messures. Actual situation, indicate dominant standing and improvement of native districts, and constantly augmentation af problems and regional inequality in employment and labour market characteristics in new districts. Industrial base in Brezno and Detva is few deversified. Detva district is classed as economicly tailing away. Ecomomical potential of this region has unique regional specifics, which puts it among economic more problematic regions of Slovakia. It is caused not only by different economical base of districts, but also by different infrastructural equipement. Employment in the region in industrial branches has decrease in last years and this decrease is followed also by total decrease of number of industrial enterprises. Unless glass and ceramic, polygraphic and metallurgical industry showed encrease of employment in the last years. The largest decrease is marked in mine, food, wood and machine industry. Development of the economic structure in the last years of all country, where Horehronie takes part, is characterised by consistent reinforcement of services sector, by reducing industriy and building industry and by continuing decrease in agriculture.

Region upper Hron river contains cities Banská Bystrica, Brezno, Detva, Hriňová, Sliač, Zvolen and number of villages 106.

basic data

number of inhabitants276 682276 110275 592276 418276 258276 025
number of unemployed19 34819 45717 83716 88914 59310 781
number of long-term unemployed919692618686841071714938
unemployment rate13.813.512.81210.37.6
long-term unemployment rate6.
long-term unemployment rate in comparisson to country level0.890.770.820.890.890.81
demographic pyramid upper Hron river 2017 demographic pyramid upper Hron river 2025

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