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Region Košice fold and Torysa river

consists of counties:

map of region Košice fold and Torysa river

Region is situated in the southeast of Slovakia, in drainage of river Torysa. Heart of the region is made by Košická fold, which is surrounded by Slánske mountains in the east and Cergov and Sarišská highland in the north. West border is made by Volovské mountain. The fold has character of downland in the south. From southwest there spreads partly national park Slovenský raj. There occure certain water basins, which are useful for water industry, or for recreation. In the district Košice surroundings are situated water basins Bukovec I and II, which are provided for industrial water for VSZ, balancing of the overflow, recreation and water industry. In this district ocure also water basins Ružín I and II, which are provided for industrial water for VSZ and other industrial factories, subtilization of exhaust water, production of high quality electric energy, protection from floods, recreation. Ružín II is balancing basin.

Košice is second biggest city in Slovakia, with historical importance. developed economical base, the town is economic and administrative centre and travel crossroad of east Slovakia. Košice represent also cultural and educational center for wide environment and it has other functions with overregional importance.

Prešov is third biggest city of Slovakia and is same as Košice important economic and cultural center of east Slovakia. Towns situated in this region achieve good economic level, while the other parts dispose with very low and unfavourable level of economic base.

Košice and Prešov are crossroads of transit and railway network, with good travel connections to Hungary, Ukraine and Poland. It is also connected to travel corridors of neighbouring countries. Density of travel network is sufficient, Košice and Prešov are connected by highway. Airport in Košice is by technic side at very good European standard.

Region Košice fold and Torysa river contains cities Košice, Lipany, Medzev, Moldava nad Bodvou, Prešov, Sabinov, Veľký Šariš and 242 villages. Viac aj na oma.sk.

unemployment in LAU2 regions Košice fold and Torysa river LAU2

Basic data

number of inhabitants590 265591 898593 493595 655598 293600 741603 128605 580607 318590 489608 305
number of unemployed47 73648 33144 99841 68436 69429 39023 60421 69525 80127 46324 272
number of long-term unemployed24 84426 63525 89023 70020 13115 57911 4079236979613 19812 247
number of people receiving social benefits51 41551 37447 00139 82335 07530 88826 02823 19822 62420 56922 143
number of activational workers83627910815073546512544941523433311231103385
unemployment rate17.817.816.214.91310.
long-term unemployment rate9.
assignation tax75 717 05078 475 87882 944 45292 311 239101 274 935114 209 421123 154 769140 157 775145 972 207141 421 601159 157 207
demographic dependency18.719.420.
demographic pyramid Košice fold and Torysa river 2022 demographic pyramid Košice fold and Torysa river 2035

Number of unemployed

less than 24 years11 4439423828970645570420131212921356836603232
25 to 39 years20 82418 27716 88315 55213 68310 79583917709914294528432
40 to 54 years17 04215 13914 39313 60912 37210 04982037303852191798209
55 years and more57655492543354595068434638893761457051724398
number of inhabitants – Košice fold and Torysa river

least developed regions

Other regions

Košice fold and Torysa river number of inhabitants, unemployed for longer than 4 years, low educated unemployed

Suggested citation: Michal Páleník: Regions of Slovakia - Region Košice fold and Torysa river, IZ Bratislava, retrieved from: https://www.iz.sk/en/projects/regions-of-slovakia/kosice-fold-and-torysa-river

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