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Region lower Nitra river

consists of counties:

map of region lower Nitra river

Region of Podunajská lowland is situated in the southwest part of Slovakia, concretly in Podunajská heights. From the north of selected area, there spread the mountains Tribeč, Pohronský Inovec and Nitrianská height. In the west, the region joins Podunajská lowland, in the east Krupinská plateau. The region is bordered by Hungary frontier in the east. Districts of this region belonged to the famous historical region - Nitrianska župa, where they took south part. From the economical point of view is the situation in the region very specific, it is conditioned by different economical development in second half of 90`s years, after changes of administrative classification. Nowadays, native robust district of Nitra achieves above standard employment and trade market. Whereas new district, which were separated - Zlaté Moravce achieves less standard`s attributes and global economical level is lower than is standard.

Region lower Nitra river contains cities Dudince, Krupina, Levice, Nitra, Šahy, Tlmače, Vráble, Zlaté Moravce, Želiezovce and number of villages 211.

basic data

number of inhabitants338 410337 885337 478337 933337 755337 515
number of unemployed23 42923 83121 41819 20415 16511 069
number of long-term unemployed10 62410 86310 344932670384483
unemployment rate13.613.912.611.38.96.5
long-term unemployment rate6.
long-term unemployment rate in comparisson to country level0.820.760.790.770.690.61
demographic pyramid lower Nitra river 2017 demographic pyramid lower Nitra river 2025

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