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Region Bratislava and surroundings

consists of counties:

map of region Bratislava and surroundings

From geomorphological aspect is the selected region slightly multiple. To the area interfere two lowlands, Borská and the part of Podunajská. The central part of this area is mountainous, there runs the beginning of small mountain range called Malé Karpaty. From aspect of administrative classification, the region consists of 5 inner Bratislava`s counties and 3 external counties, Malacky, Senec and Pezinok, which have specific characteristics of rural region.The area of this region is one of the centrobaric regions of Slovakia and is economic node of interregional interest. This region belongs is the most developed region in Slovakia and achieve the highest economical level. Bratislava counties represent individual unit, which is markedly above the surrounding region from ist economical point of view. Its large attractivity can be seen in several directions. The most viewable example, where can be seen the tributary area, are commuting flows from adjacent communities to Bratislava.

Region Bratislava and surroundings contains cities Bratislava, Malacky, Modra, Pezinok, Senec, Stupava, Svätý Jur and number of villages 65.

basic data

number of inhabitants612 661618 349625 115633 209641 796650 726
number of unemployed19 99221 94921 85420 85217 83813 85811 045
number of long-term unemployed5800696377717662608037982463
unemployment rate5.
long-term unemployment rate1.
assignation tax180 112 118180 137 916184 809 642207 335 783228 107 745259 874 524291 545 842
demographic pyramid Bratislava and surroundings 2018 demographic pyramid Bratislava and surroundings 2025

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