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Inštitút zamestnanosti

Inštitút zamestnanosti je občianske združenie,
mimovládna nezisková nezávislá organizácia,
predmetom činnosti ktorej je výskum
ikona Inclusive news

Inclusive news

News on inclusive market. . . .

News about inclusive growth

29.09.2016 (link): On the 20th of September 2016 we participated on the Conference on youth long-term unemployment in Brussels which was organized by the EPC. . .

19.09.2016 (link): Presentation for the EPC workshop on the 20th September 2016. . .

03.11.2015 (link): Presentation for the conference which takes place on 3rd-5th November 2015 in Bratislava. . .

02.09.2019 (link): Old-age dependency ratio for year 2018. . .

03.07.2019 (link): Aggregate replacement ratio for year 2018. . .

ikona Net income calculator

Net income calculator

Online calculator, that calculates net income of a household in material need in case one of the members gets a standard employment. It calculates minimal wage, stipendiums, material needs benefits and all cash and services received from general government. Slovak version only.. . .

ikona Education of unemployed

Education of unemployed

Regional offices of labour, social affairs and family in Slovakia de-iure organize education of unemployed. Unfortunatelly, the volume of people in the education is very low, approaching only several permille.. . .

ikona Good work

Good work

Working man's dignity should be the basic determinant of the labor regulation. Experience of the Slovak labor market suggests that gradually creates a significant contrast between the declared and actual. In practice, because of occurrence of various malformations leading to avoidance or deliberate use of imperfections employment legislation.. . .

ikona Social system – reality and vision

Social system – reality and vision

The objective of this activity is to give full picture of social system in Slovakia. The main goal is to start scientific discussion on the foundations, goeal and activities of social system which should be the base for legislation.. . .

ikona Regularly updated

Regularly updated

On our webpage, we have several data which are regularly updated. These include data on unemployment or legislation.. . .

new articles:

03.09.2019 (link): Population density for year 2017. . .

30.08.2019 (link): NEET for 2 quarter 2019. . .

14.08.2019 (link): Share of salaries on GDP for 1 quarter 2019. . .

20.06.2019 (link): People at risk of poverty or social exclusion for year 2018. . .

23.05.2019 (link): Employment of mothers of more than 3 children for year 2018. . .

20.05.2019 (link): Employment rate for 3 quarter 2019. . .

13.05.2019 (link): Percentage of employees ususally working on Sunday for year 2018. . .

15.03.2019 (link): Development of material need benefits in Slovakia in Slovak crown and in Euro. . .

18.01.2019 (link): Meal allowance for empolyees, with historical data. . .

IZ Bratislava is independent non-government think-tank focused on labour market.

On our website, you can find description and aims of Employment institute, as well as information on our projects, our partners or you can contact us. If you have any questions, don't hesitate and contact us.

Our website is in English as well as in Slovak language.

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Current statistics

November 2019: number of unemployed at the labour offices: 165562, of which 57149 are long term unemployed, unemployment rate 6.0 % (2.1 % long term unemployment)

Highest unemployment: Rimavská Sobota 18.8 % (11.1 %), Revúca 18.1 % (9.3 %), Kežmarok 16.9 % (7.6 %), Rožňava 14.6 % (7.8 %), Vranov nad Topľou 14.5 % (7.0 %)

Lowest unemployment:: Bratislava V 2.2 %, Trenčín 2.4 %, Hlohovec 2.6 %, Nitra 2.7 %, Trnava 2.8 %