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Region Danube river

consists of counties:

map of region Danube river

Region is situated in the southwest of Slovakia, in the largest lowland of Slovakia, called Podunajská. Southern part of region spreads in the most fertile area of Slovakia, which is called Žitný ostrov. to the northern part interfere uplands. Through this region flows the second european largest river, Dunaj, with its inflows Malý Dunaj, Váh, Nitra, Žitava and Hron. The region touches border to Hungary. In general, it deals about the area very lowland, determined to agricultural production. Region is very attractive because of its natural merits and offers the utilization not only for agriculture. but also for recreation, tourism, sport and others. It exceeds in density of fluvial system with many thermal sources. However, by the economical aspect, it belongs to the group af regions with measures less than average. More favorable situation is in county Dunajská Streda and Šaľa, where are the measures of economical level around average. By the aspect of production activity belongs this region to below standard in spite of its potencial.

Region Danube river contains cities Dunajská Streda, Gabčíkovo, Hurbanovo, Kolárovo, Komárno, Nové Zámky, Šaľa, Šamorín, Štúrovo, Šurany, Veľký Meder and number of villages 172.

basic data

number of inhabitants418 077417 455416 909419 970420 453420 838
number of unemployed33 79033 73329 24726 78221 47013 696
number of long-term unemployed15 80916 53515 16913 58310 2785475
unemployment rate15.615.613.512.5106.4
long-term unemployment rate7.
long-term unemployment rate in comparisson to country level0.990.920.880.900.750.53
demographic pyramid Danube river 2017 demographic pyramid Danube river 2025

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