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Labour market indicators of slovak regions.

namenumber of inhabitantsnumber of unemployednumber of long-term unemployedunemployment ratelong-term unemployment rate
Bratislava and surroundings659 59513 66840383.81.1
Kopanice136 533360210785.31.6
Danube river421 13411 33839755.41.9
lower Vah river341 286623513583.70.8
middle Vah river538 02011 27934194.21.3
Spiš cities406 90519 315949510.75.2
upper Nitra river287 443775025585.41.8
lower Nitra river335 349749023004.51.4
Mining cities89 7483078128772.9
Kysuce a Orava267 144731925665.72.0
upper Vah river – Liptov239 441700224745.72.0
upper Hron river273 550805233565.62.3
Juhoslovenská kotlina325 36223 31113 63815.89.2
Košice fold and Torysa river608 30524 27212 2478.64.3
upper Zemplín326 82119 46010 16712.46.5
lower Zemplín241 66415 032880313.78.0
SR5 498 300188 20482 75973.1

data from 2022.unemployment share in counties of Slovakia akt/unemployment-share-slovakia-okres-lau

Number of unemployed by age groups

nameless than 24 years25 to 39 years40 to 54 years55 years and more
Bratislava and surroundings1176516650372289
Danube river1224357740192518
lower Vah river735223321201147
middle Vah river1236396237352345
upper Nitra river855252426911680
lower Nitra river829249126431526
Mining cities3459431052739
Kysuce a Orava985238124241530
upper Vah river – Liptov850231723781457
Spiš cities2884702063763035
upper Hron river870262828351719
Juhoslovenská kotlina2730760584544522
Košice fold and Torysa river3232843282094398
upper Zemplín2901670465473308
lower Zemplín1965499853722697
SR23 33264 19765 12835 546

data from 2022.

Suggested citation: Michal Páleník: Regions of Slovakia - Labour market indicators of slovak regions., IZ Bratislava, retrieved from: https://www.iz.sk/en/projects/regions-of-slovakia/labour-market-indicators

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