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Region lower Vah river

consists of counties:

map of region lower Vah river

Region Dolné Považie is situated in the west part of Slovakia and spread in Podunajska lowland, specificely in the Podunajská heights.To the selected region interfers lowerparts of the mountains - Považský Inovec in the north-east, Biele Karpaty in the north, Malé Karpaty in the west. The region is the part of the spur of the Podunajská lowland and spreads on the flat of the river Váh, which is the longest river in Slovakia. The region is situated in medium warm to warm climat area, which is favourable for planting agricultural products. The region can be characterised as a tributary area of the town Trnava, with good transfer availability to important travel connenctions (highway D1, railway and air connections). Developing center of this region is the town Trnava, mainly because of its historical status and also of its standing during the modern period of Slovak republic advancement. The region Dolné Považie belongs to the regions with above standard economical base, with strong travel infrastructure. District of Galanta is an exception in this sence, it belongs to regions with standart economical level.

Region lower Vah river contains cities Galanta, Hlohovec, Leopoldov, Piešťany, Sereď, Sládkovičovo, Trnava, Vrbové and number of villages 124.

basic data

number of inhabitants331 696332 128332 491332 671333 335333 649
number of unemployed14 33114 75313 21811 761876056314715
number of long-term unemployed429748034490386222481012642
unemployment rate8.28.67.775.13.22.7
long-term unemployment rate2.
assignation tax69 178 47870 529 77772 810 37280 703 29088 367 34098 987 692108 964 831
demographic pyramid lower Vah river 2018 demographic pyramid lower Vah river 2025

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