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Phenomenon in the Slovak labor market is currently the employment agreement and the form of (forced) business. Determine definite pros and cons of these forms of employment compared to conventional employment relationship is not simple, their application in practice, however, we can identify particularly beneficial to the employer and weaker rights to the employee. Therefore, it is advantageous in terms of employment, the employee in the form of traditional employment. A staff member has in fact legally entitled to various social benefits social benefits, such as. allowance, maternity and parental leave and the right to security education and training. The Labour Code also defines the terms of remuneration of an employee working in employment, the right to leave and breaks. Unlike traders who are liable for the damage all of its assets, the liability of an employee working under employment is limited.

Upon termination of employment, whether by the employee or the employer, employees have certain rights. It is primarily for severance and retirement benefits, but also the right to claim payment of salaries and wages to pay compensation for the immediate termination of employment. In case the employee at the time of termination had paid leave for that calendar year, there he is entitled to reimbursement of annual leave. The employer is legally obliged to provide the employee a certificate of employment, and if the employee so requests and the work report.

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Good work

Working man's dignity should be the basic determinant of the labor regulation. Experience of the Slovak labor market suggests that gradually creates a significant contrast between the declared and actual. In practice, because of occurrence of various malformations leading to avoidance or deliberate use of imperfections employment legislation.. . .