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Workshop Do you know your rights and duties on labor market?

Employment Institute invites you to the workshop organised by Friedrich Ebert Foundation under the auspices of the dean PhDr. Peter Horváth, PhD. (Faculty of Social Sciences, University st. Cyril and Methodius in Trnava) „Do you know your rights and duties on labor market?" Workshop will be on 27th February 2013 at 9 a. m. in residency of Faculty of Social Sciences (Bučianska 4/A, Trnava). The referee and moderator of the workshop is JUDr. Marek Švec, PhD.

The main target of the workshop for students is to introduce:

- recent changes in law,

- their rights and duties,

- expectancy and requirements of employers and employees.

ikona Viliam Páleník

Viliam Páleník

RNDr. Viliam Páleník, PhD., president. . .

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