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Conference CSR as the adaptability increase tool at the labour market

On 19 April 2007 the international conference: CSR as the adaptability increase tool at the labour market was held. The conference was organized by the Club of silver heads, public association under the professional auspices of AJG – Amrop Jenewein Group.

The conference was attended by the representatives of the international partnership Equilibrium from Spain, Italy, UK and Slovakia and further from companies: U.S. Steel Košice, s.r.o.; Accenture; Matador, a.s; Sibamac, a.s, and Telework project.

The international conference was mainly connected with the mainstream activities of National thematic network focused on the support of companies and employees adaptability within the structural changes (within the Initiative of EQUAL community).

The basic idea of the conference was the finding room for solutions and use of new approach to solving problems of fight against all forms of discrimination and inequalities at the labour market.

The CSR problematics was mentioned only marginally by the representatives of companies. Their main focus was oriented to their projects and successes presentations. The representatives of partnerships and companies presented their activities in the area of education of own employees, students, high schools and universities' graduates and connected with requalification and education of elders (45+).

The result of the conference was the evaluation of the need of public-favour activities creation by the companies oriented to deepening, widespread and supporting of ideas stressing the company development and its HR capital based on knowledge economics. There was evaluated the need of support of the life long education of citizens of all ages.