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Working pensioners

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Pension systems are very complicated issue, so this study focuses only on the overview of possibilities of pensioners to work. Below, there is description of possibilities for pensioners to work in various European countries. Slovakia is currently preparing changes in legal structures of pensioners, mainly focused on their possibilities to legally work.Main groups of pensioners in question are: retired pensioners, early pensioners, and special pensioners (former policemen, soldiers, etc.).

Standard retirement

Restrictions on work

Is pensioner (retired person having pension) allowed to work ? What are the legal limitations (like maximum allowed salary) or reductions (like no pension if person works) ?

  • Slovakia: no
  • Czech republic: Yes – only contract with no payments to social insurence
  • Poland: No ??
  • Hungary: Yes – each type of contract, but limited income
  • Germany: maximum salary 300 €
  • United Kingdom: no public pension when working, private pension available
  • Italy: no full contract, no other restriction
  • France: Pension + salary could not exceed last income
  • Spain: possibility to have partial contract with partial pension
  • Sweden: yes
  • Estonia: no general limitations or reductions
  • Croatia: wage must be lower than 500 €

Full contract possible

Is a pensioner allowed to work on standard contracts ? (meaning mainly having the same protection against being dismissed from work as standard employees)

  • Slovakia: yes
  • Czech republic: no
  • Poland: no
  • Hungary: yes
  • Germany: yes
  • United Kingdom: -
  • Italy: no
  • France: yes
  • Spain: yes
  • Sweden: no
  • Estonia: yes
  • Croatia: yes

Possibility to retire later

Do people in retirement age have the option to retire later than official retirement age ? (and thus continue to work without any restrictions)

  • Slovakia: yes
  • Czech republic: yes
  • Poland: yes
  • Hungary: Yes, 0,5 percent for each month
  • France: yes, bonus from 10 to 25 %
  • Sweden: yes, until 67 years
  • Finland : yes
  • Denmark: yes
  • Estonia: yes
  • Croatia: yes

Early retirement

Early retirement is a pasive labour market policy to allow people before standard retirement age to retire. This should apply to people, who cannot find a job mainly because age.

Legal requirements

What are the legal requirements for a person to retire earlier ?

  • Slovakia: 3 years before standard retirement, -0.5 % per month
  • Czech republic: 3 years before standard retirement
  • Poland: Only for those borrn before 1949, 5 years before standard retirement age
  • Hungary: 3 years before standard retirement age
  • France: before age 65
  • Sweden: from 61 years old with reduced pension
  • Finland : Age from 58 to 67, partial retirement
  • Denmark: partial early retirement, voluntary retirement
  • Estonia: 3 years before standard retirement, -0.4 % per month
  • Croatia: 5 years before standard retirement

Restrictions on work

Is early retired pensioner (retired person having pension who decided to exit labour market earlier) allowed to work ? What are the legal limitations (like maximum allowed salary) or reductions (like no pension if person works) ?

  • Slovakia: none
  • Czech republic: yes, as standard retirement
  • Poland: yes, no possible
  • Hungary: yes, no possible
  • France: yes, as standard retirement
  • Sweden: yes
  • Finland : yes
  • Denmark: yes, in working hours
  • Estonia: no pension if working
  • Croatia: yes

Possibility to return to labour market

Can a person who has retired earlier return to labour market ? (in case he has found a job and wants to work on standard contract)

  • Slovakia: no
  • France: yes
  • Sweden: yes, after 10 months
  • Finland : yes
  • Estonia: yes
  • Croatia: yes

Special pensions

Special pensions are usually for several occupations (mainly soldiers, policemen). After exiting from their job, they have this pension paid usually on monthly basis.

Legal requirements

What are legal requirements to have special pension ? Which time can a person have special pension ? Which occupations have this benefit ? How long does the pension last ?

  • Slovakia: at least 14 years in occupation


  • Slovakia: soldiers, policemen, firemen

Restrictions on working

Are people with special pension allowed to work while having the pension ? Are there any limitations ?

  • Slovakia: none
  • Estonia: not the same job as before