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Eberndorf - AT213

EU regions: Austria > Südösterreich > Carinthia > Eberndorf

map of Eberndorf AT213
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GDP per capita in PPS of EU average202094
number of inhabitants2021148 202
population density201944.6
old-age dependency ratio202134.8

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Composition of population according to age group, education and economic activity, Eberndorf

age grouplow educationmiddle educationhigh education

note: in thousands, according to labour force sample survey. P – total population, E – employed, U – unemployed, I – number of ecnomically inactive

demographic pyramid AT213 Eberndorf

From wikipedia:

Eberndorf (Slovene: Dobrla vas, archaically Dobrla ves) is a market town of the Völkermarkt District in Carinthia, Austria.


It is the main settlement in the Jaun (Podjuna) Valley of the Drava River, east of the Carinthian capital Klagenfurt. Here the road from Völkermarkt leads uphill to the Karawanks mountain range and across the Seebergsattel Pass to Slovenia. The nearby lake Gösselsdorfer See is a popular destination for day-trippers in summer.

The municipal area includes the Katastralgemeinden Buchbrunn (Bukovje), Gablern (Lovanke), Gösselsdorf (Goselna vas), Kühnsdorf (Sinča vas), Loibegg (Belovče), Mittlern (Metlova), Mökriach (Mokrije) and Pribelsdorf (Priblja vas). At the 2001 census 8.6 % of the population were Carinthian Slovenes.


In the late 11th century the Aribonid count Kazelin (Chazelinus) founded Eberndorf Abbey within the Duchy of Carinthia. Patriarch Ulrich von Aquileia confirmed the establishment in an 1106 deed concerning the translation of the count's mortal remains to the newly built monastery church. In the mid 12th century, Patriarch Pilgrim of Aquileia had the premises enlarged as a Canons Regular community. From 1473, the buildings were devastated by Ottoman incursions and a fire, the reconstruction was supervised by Provost Leonhard von Keutschach, the later Prince-Archbishop of Salzburg.

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Suggested citation: Michal Páleník: EU regions - Eberndorf - AT213, IZ Bratislava, retrieved from: https://www.iz.sk/en/projects/eu-regions/AT213