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LET project

Institute of Political Science in Tübingen and Prof. Dr. Josef Schmid in cooperation with ACLI in Stuttgart have created the project Linking Europe in Transition (L-E-T) that represent an European network of experts in industrial relations and social dialogue. The mission of the project is to enhance knowledge of industrial relations in Europe and selected regions.

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Project L-E-T builds on the content Europe 2020 strategy and its implementation is a partial view towards achieving the strategy (smart, sustainable and inclusive growth). Achieving these objectives is one of the prerequisites for overcoming the financial and economic crisis. In some countries the crisis is namely being used as an excuse in order to impose a lower salaries, weaker rights of workers and worse working conditions and this will end up affecting the rest of Europe sooner or later.

To avoid misleading the workers, the need of innovation and strengthen the industrial labor relations and support the exchange of knowledge at the labor market. Due to the large differences between European countries (diverse forms of industrial relations influenced by different traditions, institutions, negotiations and processes various degrees of government involvement) preferred are particularly knowledge learned at the regional level and they should be accessible to the general public.

LET project highlights the importance of solving common problems of European countries by regional instruments. It focuses mainly on strengthening the role of the social partners in industrial relations; support income and integration into their own action-strategy social agenda; promote future-oriented considerations, and promote social dialogue between partners. Regional approach and sustainability are the main asset of this project, which should emerge from the crisis in employment, improve access to employment and to facilitate the transition between graduate school and work.


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LET project