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Description of minimal wages in Slovak republic

European comparasion

According to Eurostat, Slovak Republic with minimal wage 183 EUR, belongs to countries with the lowest minimal monthly wage. Toward countries with minimal monthly wage to 200 EUR belong: Bulgaria, Romania, Baltic counties (Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia). The other Visegrad countries was at the level 230 to 260 EUR.

On European countries with highest minimal monthly wage (in January 2006) belong: Luxemburg (1 503 EUR), Ireland, Holland,Great Britain, Belgium and France (all of them had from 1 200 to 1 300 EUR).

Minimal wage isn't exist in every county

Among European countries, which haven't minimal wage defined belong some typical left-wing countries like Italy, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Cyprus and Germany.

Minimum monthly wage as a proportion of average monthly earnings in industry and service is moving about 35 % through 40 %.

Countries with high proportion (50 %) are : Ireland, Luxemburg, Malt and Netherlands.

Since 2004, Slovak Republic is at the level about 34 %. Five countries account longtime increasing of these proportion, four countries longtime decreasing. In the comparison other ten countries re at the same level.

Detailed analysis