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Conference 10 years of employment policy

We are organizing conference 10 years of employment policy, which will take place on the 1st of december 2014 in Bratislava.

Photos from the first panel

branislav-ondrus  konf-10-rokov panel-1-branislav-ondrus jaroslav-sumny  konf-10-rokov panel-1-jaroslav-sumny marek-repa  konf-10-rokov panel-1-marek-repa martin-hostak  konf-10-rokov panel-1-martin-hostak michal-palenik  konf-10-rokov panel-1-michal-palenik otazky1  konf-10-rokov panel-1-otazky1 otazky2  konf-10-rokov panel-1-otazky2 otazky3  konf-10-rokov panel-1-otazky3 viliam-palenik  konf-10-rokov panel-1-viliam-palenik vladimir-sirotka  konf-10-rokov panel-1-vladimir-sirotka

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