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Conference on labour services law in Slovakia september 2008

IZ Bratislava on the 26th September 2008 organized conference about active labour market policies with the focus long term unemployment in the kontext of law no. 5 about labour market services. More information and presentations from the conference are available only in Slovak language.

Program of conference

14:00:00Vladimír ŠpidlaEuropean commision
Viliam PáleníkEmployment institute
15:00:00Specific groups of unemployed in practice
Ján VaculčiakUPSVaR LučenecLow educated unemployed and their possibilities at labour market
Jozef KlučkaÚVTOS a ÚVV IlavaSpecific group - people comming from prison
Vladimír LedeckýSpišský HrhovSocial enterprises and activated works in practice
foto 1, Vladimír Špidla, Viliam Páleník konf-2008-september-1 foto 2,  konf-2008-september-2 foto 3 konf-2008-september-3 foto 4 konf-2008-september-4 foto 5, Vladimír Ledecký konf-2008-september-5 foto 10, Vladimír Špidla konf-2008-september-10 foto 6, plénum konf-2008-september-6 foto 7, plénum konf-2008-september-7 foto 8 konf-2008-september-8 foto 9 konf-2008-september-9

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