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Active labour market policy in employment services law

Notice to the comments to the law Nr. 5/2004 law coll. On employment services submitted by the Employment Institute within the interministerial comment procedure to the Ministry of labour, social affairs and family of the SR

On 15 June 2007 the Employment Institute organized in Tatra hotel in Bratislava the conference aimed at the exchange of experience and opinions on active labour market policy with the subtitle: Law on employment services.

In spite of the unemployment decrease within the last period, the problem of mainly long term unemployment is serious in Slovakia. Regrettably, within the complexity of this problem the simple and effective solution does not exist. The Employment Institute striving to help solving this complex problem, organized the third conference focused on active labour market policy.

The conference was an opportunity for exchanging experience and opinions and partially contributed to proposals for solving the problems of active labour market policy (ALMP) within the framework of law on employment services in Slovakia.

The conference was attended by 50 participants.

Key note speakers contributions

Inspirative contributions were presented in two blocks. Mr. Viliam Páleník, president of Employment Institute opened the conference and contributed by the presentation: To more effective employment services. Elena Komínková from Labour office contributed by the presentation from the area of ALMP of labour offices from the former period with the view for the future. Jaroslav Šumný, former general director of National labour office presented the current practice and experience. Rastislav Noška from the Employment Institute made a presentation from its analytical area.

Eugen Škultéty and Milan Bušo represented Confederation of trade unions – social partners by the discussion contributions focused on the area of more effective employment services. The contribution on expert system was presented by Michal Páleník from Employment Institute. Practice experience were presented by Nicolas Ogou, APZ Somotor and Štefan Repko, KRRA Banská Bystrica.

Conference conclusions

The final result of the Employment Institute conference : Active labour market policy in employment services law, was to inform a large professional public on the importance of problematics of more effective, efficient and strengthening of ALMP tools at Slovak regional and national levels.

All key note speakers stressed that the problem of long term unemployment in Slovakia is alarming. Slovakia has the highest long term unemployment rate from EU 27, in spite of total unemployment decrease.

The next result was the declaration of the ALMP as a sole possible counter fight with the long term unemployment. Passive LMP and non individual acceptation are not able to solve individual and wide spectral problems of individual persons for their labour market involvement.