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Comments to activation works

Current situation

The activation works are considered the most frequently used tool of active labour market policy (ALMP). Within the last years, 30-50 % of all ALMP funds were used for activation works. Unfortunately, current situation and legislation have few following shortcomings :

  • in spite of that the aim of activation works is to prepare job applicants for labour market, the contract of those applicants is not of the job contract format
  • activations works are planned for 10 hours / week, which is insufficient for job applicants to get habitude of full time job (usual for 97 % of employees)
  • unclear definition in job description to work based on superior directions decreases the quality of job applicant's habitudes
  • unclear authority of superior / municipality are worsening the activation works' outcomes

Proposed solution

To solve this problem, the Employment Institute proposes to change current activations works to .