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Comments to the migration for job

Current situation

Based on the updated law on labour market services the contribution to the migration for job should cover the part of proven expenditures connected with the migration of the job applicant from his residence, if his job place within Slovakia is in the distance of at least 30 km from his residence.

Historically, the similar contribution existed already but it used to be of the minimal use mainly due to enormous administrative and relatively low amount. The obligation of the residence change proof was considered the biggest obstacle.

Proposed solution

The Employment Institute proposes that this contribution should be provided also in case of the temporary stay. Thus, it should be provided to the citizen who was in evidence as job applicant at least three months and is able to prove the change of the temporary or residential stay.

If the contribution to the migration for job is bound to the change of temporary stay and not to residential stay it would better serve as motivation for migration as in the case of residence change. Temporary stay change for unemployed citizens can be easily reached because the acquirement of the residence practically means the purchase of the real estate which is problematic mainly for people with new job and low income. These are reasons for the Employment Institute to propose to the above law the replacement of the residential stay change proof by the proof of the temporary one.