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Comments to the Individual action plan

Current situation

The Individual action plan has a great potential for improving a job applicant's potential. It should be a unique vision of the job applicant's close future and his complex preparation for the labour market demand. Unfortunately, its current shape and practice do not take into account some of the job applicants' needs (it is developed only after six months, in the time when most of job applicants is not interested in) and is not complex (binding training plans or contribution breakdown are missing).

Proposed solution

For solving this situation, the Employment Institute proposes to change the sense of the action plan so that it should be understood as individual, action and plan.


  • it should take into account the individual qualities of the job applicant to be of use only in case of the job applicant who is in evidence the most shortest time
  • it should take into account the education level and other knowledge of the job applicant
  • it should take into account the type of job being done by job applicant before, his practice, skills and also his vision for the future


  • the job applicant should understand the reasonability of individual action plan activities
  • what kind of requalification courses, seminars and trainings etc. are recommended to him and
  • what kind of active labour market measures are accessible and of use for him
  • Plan:

    • should show the time table of activities, mainly requalifications, seminars, trainings and contributions
    • for job applicant and job office the binding breakdown of courses and other active labour market measures
    • breakdown of prices

    For solving this problematics the Employment Institute submitted the radical comment to the interministerial comment procedure.