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ECOSOC about inclusive market

European Economic and Social Committee supported the idea of ​​Union Bank of the joint supervisory needs, but also has concerns about its practical implementation. It is not clear whether the deposits will be protected by means of criminal activity, business ownership with an unknown background, or if the supervisory body will not work and people involved in the failure of the banking sector.


In times of crisis, it is necessary to prevent the nearly 10 million long-term unemployed become permanently unemployed, or to completely leave the labor market, which can be achieved by reducing glazing labor market, but especially by inclusive market


Taxation coupons. The Committee endorsed the European Commission's clarification and tightening supervision over tax coupons, due to the rapid development in marketing, where these coupons has an international dimension. Combating VAT fraud will focus on carousel fraud. Effective tool should be the reverse charge and accelerate decision-making process.

ikona Inclusive growth

Inclusive growth

IZ Bratislava support inclusive participation of all into the growth of the economy, as is defined in Europa 2020 strategy. . . .

ikona Ecosoc

European Economic and Social Committee

The European Economic and Social Committee (ecosoc, EESC) is a consultative body of the European Union. Committed to European integration, the EESC contributes to strengthening the democratic legitimacy and effectiveness of the European Union by enabling civil society organisations from the Member States to express their views at European level. . . .