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Volume of Inclusive Services

For the creation of 50 000 jobs in the inclusive market it is necessary to create sufficient volume of orders. This volume is estimated to be about 580 mil. € (plus VAT). This number may seem high but 70 % of this amount is immediately returned to the public budget by increased collection of taxes.

This volume is estimated based on cost method. 50 000 inclusive employees will receive a minimum wage, permanent employees (supervisors and managers) will probably receive higher wage (their number is limited to 25 % of all employees). Capital and operating costs have been estimated at the 30 % of the value of the contract. Given the size of orders we assume that all inclusive enterprises will be VAT payers.

The table shows the calculation of the yearly volume of inclusive services. The total volume amounts to 700 mil. € (including VAT). This represents less than 2 % of the public budget. This volume must be transparently procured.

costslabour costs# persons yearly cost in thousands of €
inclusive employee43050258
labour costs – total406
capital and operating costs30 %174
total costs581
total cost (incl. VAT)697

ikona Inclusive growth

Inclusive growth

IZ Bratislava support inclusive participation of all into the growth of the economy, as is defined in Europa 2020 strategy. . . .

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