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Geographical disparities

There is a big gap between a place where are unemployment people and a place where are free job positions in Slovakia. Even though we try to propose a places of inclusive services according to goal group, not every employee will work in a place of his home. Inclusive employee will travel to work as do that employees on open labor market.

On the inclusive market – there are 3 geographical places:

- a place of work;

- a place of residence;

- home.

Is a mission of inclusive enterprise to fulfill its duty against consumer and to realize services in the place of an order. Probably enterprises will try to find employees with home near a place of work – costs will be lower and enterprise more competitive. If employees need a transport is up to enterprises, if they let employees transport individual or they ensure a kind of transport (it must be written in collective contract).

There are not so many people their home are near to work in labor market. Inclusive employees are preparing for open labor market, so not only daily wake-up but also traveling is an important part. In contrast of activation works, we don't try to achieve impossible and employ everyone. In towns where goal group is huge are not enough free job positions and if inclusive employees will not learn to travel to work, will be hard to employ them.

ikona Inclusive growth

Inclusive growth

IZ Bratislava support inclusive participation of all into the growth of the economy, as is defined in Europa 2020 strategy. . . .

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