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The regional aspect of inclusive market

The long-term unemployment in Slovakia is concentrated, the highest is on south of middle of Slovakia and on east of east part of Slovakia.

In view of EU , long-term unemployment is 4,6%, in Slovakia according to LFS it is 9,4%

mapa dlhodobej nezamestnanosti dlhodoba-nezamestnanost-sr
  • value 25% means, that each 4th person with working potential is long-term unemployed
  • 16,1 percent is the rate of long-term unemployment in the worst area (district of Prešov)
  • value 12,5% means, that each 8th person with working potential is long-term unemployed
  • 6,8% je 6,8% is long-term unemployment rate in district of Žilina

In consideration of these high long-term unemployment is inevitably decreasing regional disparities. The optimal combination of local development impulses and migration will available long-term maintainable solution of problem with long-term unemployment.

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