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Conference november 2014

On the 6th of November 2014, IZ Bratislava is co-organizing conference Inclusive solidarity – analysis and potential effects.

Photos from panel 2 – inclusive employment, chair Iveta Radičová

2 konf-2014-nov/panel-2-cely-1 Michal Páleník konf-2014-nov/panel-2-michal-palenik Dávid Martinák konf-2014-nov/panel-2-david-martinak Miroslav Pollák konf-2014-nov/panel-2-miro-pollak by Iveta Radičá konf-2014-nov/panel-2-zaver
ikona Viliam Páleník

Viliam Páleník

RNDr. Viliam Páleník, PhD., president. . .

ikona Project The Public Policies of Employment

Project The Public Policies of Employment

Employment Institute is realizing the project The Public Policies of Employment.. . .

ikona Conferences

IZ Bratislava conferences

IZ Bratislava organizes series of conferences on the theme of active labour market policies focused on particular issues.. . .

ikona Inclusive growth

Inclusive growth

IZ Bratislava support inclusive participation of all into the growth of the economy, as is defined in Europa 2020 strategy. . . .

ikona Social system – reality and vision

Social system – reality and vision

The objective of this activity is to give full picture of social system in Slovakia. The main goal is to start scientific discussion on the foundations, goeal and activities of social system which should be the base for legislation.. . .