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Conference Labour market in programs of political parties in elections to European parlament 2014

Employment Institute on the 29th April 2014 in Nitra (Slovakia) organized conference Labour market in programs of political parties in elections to European parlament 2014. The main focus of this conference was to bring attention to problems on Slovak and European labour market and to give a place to Slovak candidates participating in elections to the European parlament to present their programs in given area. Employment Institute traditionally organizes such conferences.

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Participants on the conference were: Martin Barto (NOVA), Andrej Klapica (KDH), Maroš Šefčovič (Smer, Vladimír Maňka substituted him during discussion), Bibiana Trubačová (7 statočných), Miriam Sláviková (EDS), Vladimír Zeman (SDS), Jozef Viskupič (OĽaNO), Ján Oravec (SaS), Marián Vitkovič (KSS), Ivan Štefanec (SDKÚ-DS) and Iván Farkas (SMK).

Candidates agreed on these 3 main goals:

  • to fully and widely apply social considerations of public procurement,
  • to support Slovak farmers in order to achieve higher employment,
  • to improve conditions for small and medium enterprises.

Records from conference: 1. panel, 2. panel, 3. panel

First panel

Second panel

Third panel

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Conference was realized within project Public policies of enployment thanks to Island, Liechtenstein and Norway by Program Active citizenship and inclusion, which is realised by Ekopolis foundation, Foundation for Slovak children and SOCIA – foundation for social changes.

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