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Chemnitz – DED41

EU regions: Germany > Saxony > Chemnitz Government Region > Chemnitz

map of Chemnitz DED41
Gross domestic product
GDP per capita in PPS of EU average2021106

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number of inhabitants2023248 563
population density20221112.4
old-age dependency ratio202346.6
demographic pyramid DED41 Chemnitz

From Wikipedia:

Chemnitz (German: [ˈkɛmnɪts] (listen), from 1953 to 1990: Karl-Marx-Stadt; Upper and Lower Sorbian: Kamjenica; Czech: Saská Kamenice) is the third largest city in the German federal state of Saxony after Leipzig and Dresden. It is the 28th largest city of Germany as well as the fourth largest city in the area of former East Germany after (East) Berlin, Leipzig and Dresden. The city is part of the Central German Metropolitan Region, and lies in the middle of a string of cities sitting in the densely populated northern foreland of the Elster and Ore Mountains, stretching from Plauen in the southwest via Zwickau, Chemnitz and Freiberg to Dresden in the northeast.

Located in the Ore Mountain Basin, the city is surrounded by the Ore Mountains to the south and the Central Saxon Hill Country to the north. The city stands on the Chemnitz River (progression: Zwickauer Mulde→ Mulde→ Elbe→ North Sea), which is formed through the confluence of the rivers Zwönitz and Würschnitz in the borough of Altchemnitz.

The name of the city as well as the names of the rivers are of Slavic origin. Chemnitz is the third largest in the Thuringian-Upper Saxon dialect area after Leipzig and Dresden. The city's economy is based on the service sector and manufacturing industry. Chemnitz University of Technology has around 10,000 students.


Chemnitz is named after the river Chemnitz, a small tributary of the Zwickau Mulde.

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