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Osterholz - DE936

EU regions: Germany > Lower Saxony > Lüneburg Government Region > Osterholz

map of Osterholz DE936
flag of Osterholz DE936 coat of arms Osterholz DE936
GDP per capita in PPS of EU average201962
number of inhabitants2021114 640
population density2019176
old-age dependency ratio202138.2

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Composition of population according to age group, education and economic activity, Osterholz

age grouplow educationmiddle educationhigh education

note: in thousands, according to labour force sample survey. P – total population, E – employed, U – unemployed, I – number of ecnomically inactive

demographic pyramid DE936 Osterholz

From wikipedia:

Osterholz is a district (Landkreis) in Lower Saxony, Germany. It is bounded by (from the west and clockwise) the districts of Wesermarsch, Cuxhaven, Rotenburg and Verden, and by the city of Bremen.


Originally the prince-archbishops of Bremen ruled the area comprising today's district. In 1648 the Prince-Archbishopric was transformed into the Duchy of Bremen, which was first ruled in personal union by the Swedish and from 1715 on by the Hanoverian Crown. In 1807 the ephemeral Kingdom of Westphalia annexed the Duchy, before France annexed it in 1810, there comprising a part of the département Bouches-du-Weser. In 1813 the Duchy was restored to the Electorate of Hanover, which – after its upgrade to the Kingdom of Hanover in 1814 – incorporated the Duchy in a real union and the Ducal territory became part of the Stade Region, established in 1823. In 1866 the Kingdom of Hanover fell to Prussia, forming the Province of Hanover. The Prussian administration established districts in 1885, among them the district of Osterholz.


The southern part of the district is part of the Bremen metropolitan area. In the north there is the Teufelsmoor ("dead moor" (lit.

other: Lüneburg Government Region, Celle, Harburg, Heidekreis, Lüneburg, Verden, Osterholz, Lüchow-Dannenberg District, Cuxhaven, Stade, Uelzen District, Rotenburg (Wümme)

neighbours: Verden, Cuxhaven, Bremen, Wesermarsch, Rotenburg (Wümme)

Suggested citation: Michal Páleník: EU regions - Osterholz - DE936, IZ Bratislava, retrieved from: https://www.iz.sk/en/projects/eu-regions/DE936


Current statistics

October 2022: number of unemployed at the labour offices: 178265, of which 76104 are long term unemployed, unemployment rate 6.6 % (2.8 % long term unemployment)

Highest unemployment: Rimavská Sobota 20.5 % (13.2 %), Revúca 19.6 % (12.7 %), Kežmarok 18.0 % (9.2 %)

Lowest unemployment:: Bratislava V 2.6 %, Ilava 2.8 %, Trenčín 2.8 %, Bratislava I 2.9 %, Nitra 3.0 %