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Finnmark - NO073

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map of Finnmark NO073
flag of Finnmark NO073 coat of arms Finnmark NO073
GDP per capita in PPS of EU average2017113
number of inhabitants201975 863
population density20181.6
old-age dependency ratio201927.3

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From wikipedia:

Finnmark (Norwegian: [ˈfɪnnmɑrk] (listen), Northern Sami: Finnmárku, Finnish (at Kven dialects): Ruija) is a county in the northern part of Norway. By land, it borders Troms county to the west, Finland (Lapland region) to the south, and Russia (Murmansk Oblast) to the east, and by water, the Norwegian Sea (Atlantic Ocean) to the northwest, and the Barents Sea (Arctic Ocean) to the north and northeast.

The county was formerly known as Finmarkens amt or Vardøhus amt. Since 2002, it has had two official names: Finnmark (Norwegian) and Finnmárku (Northern Sami). It is part of the Sápmi region, which spans four countries, as well as the Barents Region, and is the largest and least populated county of Norway.

Situated at the northernmost part of continental Europe, where the Norwegian coastline swings eastward, Finnmark is an area „where East meets West," in culture as well as in nature and geography. Vardø, the easternmost municipality in Norway, is located farther east than the cities of St. Petersburg and Istanbul.


The Old Norse form of the name was Finnmǫrk. The first element is finn(ar), the Norse name for the Sámi people.

other: Nord-Norge, Nordland, Troms, Finnmark

neighbours: Lapland, Troms


Current statistics

November 2020: number of unemployed at the labour offices: 222976, of which 76472 are long term unemployed, unemployment rate 8.1 % (2.8 % long term unemployment)

Highest unemployment: Rimavská Sobota 21.2 % (12.2 %), Revúca 21.2 % (11.3 %), Kežmarok 19.0 % (9.5 %), Rožňava 17.6 % (9.1 %), Sabinov 16.8 % (8.3 %)

Lowest unemployment:: Bratislava V 3.8 %, Hlohovec 4.1 %, Bratislava I 4.1 %, Ilava 4.5 %, Trenčín 4.5 %