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province of Navarra – ES220

EU regions: Spain > Noreste > Navarre > province of Navarra

map of province of Navarra ES220
Gross domestic product
GDP per capita in PPS of EU average2021101

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number of inhabitants2023672 155
population density202264.3
old-age dependency ratio202331.5
demographic pyramid ES220 province of Navarra

From Wikipedia : Navarre (English: ; Spanish: Navarra [naˈβara]; Basque: Nafarroa [nafaro.a]; Occitan: Navarra [naˈbaʀɔ]), officially the Chartered Community of Navarre (Spanish: Comunidad Foral de Navarra [komuniˈðað foˈɾal de naˈβara]; Basque: Nafarroako Foru Komunitatea [nafaro.ako foɾu komunitate.a]), is an autonomous community and province in northern Spain, bordering the Basque Autonomous Community, La Rioja, and Aragon in Spain and Nouvelle-Aquitaine in France. The capital city is Pamplona (or Iruñea in Basque).


The first documented use of a name resembling Navarra, Nafarroa, or Naparroa is a reference to navarros, in Eginhard's early-9th-century chronicle of the feats of the Holy Roman Emperor Charlemagne. Other Royal Frankish Annals feature nabarros. There are two proposed etymologies for the name.

  • Basque nabar (declined absolute singular nabarra): „brownish“, „multicolour" (i. e. in contrast to the green mountainous lands north of the original County of Navarre).
  • Basque naba (or Spanish nava): „valley“, „plain" + Basque herri ("people“, „land").
The linguist Joan Coromines considers naba to be linguistically part of a wider Vasconic or Aquitanian language substrate, rather than Basque per se.



During the Roman Empire, the Vascones, a pre-Roman tribe, populated the southern slopes of the Pyrenees, including the area which would ultimately become Navarre. In the mountainous north, the Vascones escaped large-scale Roman settlement, except for some coastal areas—for example Oiasso (in what is now Gipuzkoa)—and the flatter areas to the south, Calagurris (in what is now La Rioja), which were amenable to large-scale Roman farming—vineyards, olives, and wheat crops. There is no evidence of battles fought or general hostility between Romans and Basques, as they had the same enemies.

Kingdom of Navarre

Neither the Visigoths nor the Franks ever completely subjugated the area.

Other: Navarre, province of Navarra

Neighbours: Gipuzkoa, Álava, Pyrénées-Atlantiques, Zaragoza Province, Huesca Province, La Rioja

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