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Osnabrück – DE944

EU regions: Germany > Lower Saxony > Weser-Ems Government Region > Osnabrück

map of Osnabrück DE944
Gross domestic product
GDP per capita in PPS of EU average2021147

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number of inhabitants2023167 366
population density20221385
old-age dependency ratio202327.2
demographic pyramid DE944 Osnabrück

From Wikipedia: Osnabrück (German pronunciation: [ɔsnaˈbʁʏk] (listen); Westphalian: Ossenbrügge; archaic English: Osnaburg) is a city in the federal state of Lower Saxony in north-west Germany. It is situated in a valley penned between the Wiehen Hills and the northern tip of the Teutoburg Forest. With a population of 168,145 Osnabrück is one of the four largest cities in Lower Saxony. The city is the centrepoint of the Osnabrück Land region as well as the District of Osnabrück.

The founding of Osnabrück was linked to its positioning on important European trading routes. Charles the Great founded the Diocese of Osnabrück in 780. The city was also a member of the Hanseatic League. At the end of the Thirty Years' War (1618–1648), the Peace of Westphalia was negotiated in Osnabrück and the nearby city of Münster. In recognition of its role as the site of negotiations, Osnabrück later adopted the title Friedensstadt ("city of peace"). The city is also known as the birthplace of anti-war novelist Erich-Maria Remarque and painter Felix Nussbaum.

More recently Osnabrück has become well known for its industry.

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Neighbours: Steinfurt, Osnabrück

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