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Weißenburg-Gunzenhausen - DE25C

EU regions: Germany > Bavaria > Middle Franconia > Weißenburg-Gunzenhausen

map of Weißenburg-Gunzenhausen DE25C
coat of arms Weißenburg-Gunzenhausen DE25C
GDP per capita in PPS of EU average201797
number of inhabitants201994 393
population density201898.6
old-age dependency ratio201933.7

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demographic pyramid DE25C Weißenburg-Gunzenhausen

From wikipedia:

Weißenburg-Gunzenhausen  is a Landkreis (district) in the west of Bavaria, Germany with a population of 95,000. Neighbouring districts are (from the north clockwise) Ansbach, Roth, Eichstätt and Donau-Ries. It is located in the south of Middle Franconia, 50 kilometres south of Nuremberg. Largest city and the administrative center is Weißenburg in Bayern.


The district is located on the Hahnenkamm and on the Franconian Alb in the North of the Altmühltal. In the north there are several lakes of the Franconian Lake District. The highest point of the district is the Dürrenberg. The Altmühl flows through the district. From here comes the Solnhofen limestone. Among its nature reserves are the Brombachmoor.

other: Middle Franconia, Schwabach, Ansbach, Erlangen, Fürth, Ansbach, Erlangen-Höchstadt, Fürth, Nürnberger Land, Neustadt (Aisch)-Bad Windsheim, Roth, Nuremberg, Weißenburg-Gunzenhausen

neighbours: Ansbach, Roth, Eichstätt, Donau-Ries


Current statistics

June 2020: number of unemployed at the labour offices: 225508, of which 64977 are long term unemployed, unemployment rate 8.2 % (2.4 % long term unemployment)

Highest unemployment: Rimavská Sobota 22.3 % (11.5 %), Revúca 21.5 % (10.2 %), Kežmarok 19.8 % (8.6 %)

Lowest unemployment:: Bratislava V 3.5 %, Bratislava I 3.7 %, Hlohovec 4.3 %, Trenčín 4.4 %, Bratislava IV 4.4 %