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Oberhausen – DEA17

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Gross domestic product
GDP per capita in PPS of EU average202178

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number of inhabitants2023210 824
population density20222724.5
old-age dependency ratio202335.4
demographic pyramid DEA17 Oberhausen

From Wikipedia: Oberhausen (, German: [ˈoːbɐhaʊzn̩] (listen)) is a city on the river Emscher in the Ruhr Area, Germany, located between Duisburg and Essen (c. 13 km or 8.1 mi). The city hosts the International Short Film Festival Oberhausen and its Gasometer Oberhausen is an anchor point of the European Route of Industrial Heritage.


Oberhausen was named for its 1847 railway station which had taken its name from the Oberhausen Castle (German: Schloss Oberhausen). The new borough was formed in 1862 following inflow of people for the local coal mines and steel mills. Awarded town rights in 1874, Oberhausen absorbed several neighbouring boroughs including Alstaden, parts of Styrum and Dümpten in 1910. Oberhausen became a city in 1901, and they incorporated the towns of Sterkrade and Osterfeld in 1929. The Ruhrchemie AG synthetic oil plant ("Oberhausen-Holten" or „Sterkrade/Holten") was a bombing target of the Oil Campaign of World War II, and the US Forces had reached the plant by 4 April 1945.

In 1973 Thyssen employed 14,000 people in Oberhausen in the steel industry, but ten years later the number had fallen to 6,000.

In 1954 the city began hosting the International Short Film Festival Oberhausen, and the 1982 Deutscher Filmpreis was awarded to a group that wrote the Oberhausen Manifesto.


Population development since 1862:

The age breakdown of the population (2013) is:

There were 12.5 % non-Germans living in Oberhausen, as of 2014.

The unemployment rate is 10.0 % (Dec 2015).

Migrant communities in Oberhausen by 31.12.2017:


International relations

Twin towns – Sister cities

Oberhausen is twinned with:

  • Middlesbrough, United Kingdom, since 1974
  • Zaporizhia, Ukraine, since 1986
  • Freital, Germany, since 1990
  • Carbonia, Italy, since 2002
  • Iglesias, Italy, since 2002
  • Mersin, Turkey, since 2004

Notable residents

Born before 1935

  • Georg Schaltenbrand (1897–1979), author, neurologist and Multiple Sclerosis specialist
  • Reni Erkens (1909–1987), swimmer, Summer Olympics 1928
  • Wilhelm Brinkmann (1910–1991), field handball player
  • Erich Kempka (1910–1975), SS-officer and Adolf Hitler's driver
  • Werner Töniges (1910–1995), naval officer
  • Willy Jürissen (1912–1990), German national football team
  • Édouard Wawrzyniak (1912–1991), French national football team
  • Will Quadflieg (1914–2003), actor
  • Alf Marholm (1918–2006), actor, radio plays, audio books and voice
  • Arnulf Zitelmann (born 1929), writer
  • Paul Lange (1931–2016), kayaker, Olympic champion
  • Karl-Heinz Feldkamp (born 1934), football player and trainer
  • Hans Wagner (1934–1993), politician (CDU), member of parliament (North Rhine-Westphalia)
  • Wilhelm Keim (born 1934), chemist and professor for technical chemistry

Born after 1935

  • Theo Vennemann (born 1937), linguist and professor of German and theoretical linguistics
  • Hans Siemensmeyer (born 1940), football player and coach
  • Wolf-Dieter Ahlenfelder (1944–2014), football referee
  • Tilman Spengler (born 1947), writer and journalist, author and co-editor of the magazine Kursbuch
  • Eckhard Stratmann-Mertens (born 1948), teacher and politician (Alliance '90 / The Greens), Member of Bundestag
  • Ditmar Jakobs (born 1953), football player
  • Willi Wülbeck (born 1954), athlete
  • Christoph Klimke (born 1959), writer
  • Michael Grosse-Brömer (born 1960), politician (CDU), Member of Bundestag
  • Christoph Schlingensief (1960–2010), film and theater director, radio play writer and performance artist
  • Dirk Balthaus (born 1965), jazz pianist and composer
  • Esther Schweins (born 1970), actress and comedian
  • Markus Feldhoff (born 1974), football player
  • Mark Kleinschmidt (born 1974), rower
  • [[Siegfried Jerusalem, opera singer


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Neighbours: Duisburg, Bottrop, Essen, Mülheim an der Ruhr, Wesel

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