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number of inhabitantsyear 20125 372 913
area in square kmyear 2012336 852
GDP per capita in PPSyear 201027 700
GDP per capita in PPS of EU averageyear 2010113
Unemployment rateyear 20127,70
unemployment rage, maleyear 20128,30
unemployment rate, femaleyear 20127,10
Gender difference in unemploymentyear 20121,20
Employment rateyear 201356,40
employment rate, maleyear 201360,50
employment rate, femaleyear 201352,60
Gender gap in employment rateyear 20136,00
Distance from Bratislava1880 km
Distance from Košice1783 km
demographic pyramid MANNER-SUOMI,


Structure of employed by education

Employment by educationyear 20122 150100%

Source: Eurostat; shortened variable name does not necessarily precisely describe contents of this v

sub regions MANNER-SUOMI : Itä-Suomi, Etelä-Suomi, Länsi-Suomi and Pohjois-Suomi

other regions in Finland : MANNER-SUOMI and Åland

Neighbouring regions: Norway and North Sweden