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Uusimaa – FI1B

EU regions: Finland > Mainland Finland > Uusimaa

map of Uusimaa FI1B
Life long learning
life long learning participation202329.2
Part time jobs and flexible employment
percentage of part time workers202313.72
percentage of part time workers, men202310.16
percentage of part time workers, women202317.36
Gender differences
gender gap in employment rate2023100
gender gap in unemployment rate202386.42
Graduates and young people
unemployment rate of youth with elementary education202327.6
Gross domestic product
GDP per capita in PPS of EU average2022140
employment rate202375.2
Social exclusion
people at risk of poverty or social exclusion202011.5

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Subregions: Helsinki

demographic pyramid FI1B Uusimaa based on economic activity – employed, unemploye, inactive


unemployment rate20237.7
youth unemployment rate202317.3
Long term unemployment
long term unemployment20231.8
share of long term unemployed202323.8


demographic pyramid FI1B 1996 Uusimaa, population pyramid of Uusimaa
number of inhabitants20231.733033e+06
population density2022189.5
old-age dependency ratio202327.7
demographic pyramid FI1B Uusimaa

Employment by sectors, Uusimaa

NACE r2%NACE r2%
A5.61 %B-E89.610 %
F57.66 %G-I180.620 %
J79.59 %K26.33 %
L10.61 %M_N144.916 %
NRP10.21 %O-Q227.225 %
R-U60.37 %TOTAL892.2100 %

Data for the period year 2023. Source of the data is Eurostat, table [lfst_r_lfe2en2].

Employment by sectors, Uusimaa, 2023

From Wikipedia:

Uusimaa (Finnish: [ˈuːsimɑː]; Swedish: Nyland, Finland Swedish: [ˈnyːlɑnd]; both lit. 'new land') is a region of Finland. It borders the regions of Southwest Finland, Tavastia Proper (Kanta-Häme), Päijänne Tavastia (Päijät-Häme), and Kymenlaakso. Finland's capital and largest city, Helsinki, along with the surrounding Greater Helsinki area, are both contained in the region, and Uusimaa is Finland's most populous region. The population of Uusimaa is 1,734,000.

While pred­ominantly Finnish-speaking, Uusimaa has the highest total number of native speakers of Swedish in Finland even at a much lower share than two other regions.


The place name of Nuuksio derives from the Sami word njukča which means 'swan'. Later Finns proper and Tavastians inhabited the area. Some place names have traces of Tavastian village names, like Konala, which likely derives from the older Tavastian village name Konhola. Estonians inhabited the region to a smaller extent, specifically for seasonal fishing.

Swedish colonisation of coastal Uusimaa started after the second crusade to Finland in the 13th century. The colonisation was part of converting pagan areas to Catholicism.

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Neighbours: Southern Finland

Subregions: Helsinki

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