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Wiesbaden – DE714

EU regions: Germany > Hesse > Darmstadt Government Region > Wiesbaden

map of Wiesbaden DE714
Gross domestic product
GDP per capita in PPS of EU average2021192

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number of inhabitants2023283 083
population density20221412.1
old-age dependency ratio202331.1
demographic pyramid DE714 Wiesbaden

From Wikipedia:

Wiesbaden (German pronunciation: [ˈviːsˌbaːdn̩] (listen)) is a city in central western Germany and the capital of the federal state of Hesse. As of January 2018, it had 289,544 inhabitants, plus approximately 19,000 United States citizens (mostly associated with the United States Army). The Wiesbaden urban area is home to approx. 560,000 people.

The city, together with nearby Frankfurt am Main, Darmstadt, and Mainz, is part of the Frankfurt Rhine Main Region, a metropolitan area with a combined population of about 5.8 million people.

Wiesbaden is one of the oldest spa towns in Europe. Its name translates to „meadow baths“, a reference to its famed hot springs. It is also internationally famous for its architecture and climate—it is also called the „Nice of the North" in reference to the city in France. At one time, Wiesbaden boasted 26 hot springs. As of 2008, fourteen of the springs are still flowing.

In 1970, the town hosted the tenth Hessentag Landesfest (English: Hessian Day, a state festival).

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