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Thessaly Region - EL61

EU regions: Greece > Kentriki Ellada > Thessaly Region

map of Thessaly Region EL61
flag of Thessaly Region EL61
long term unemployment202111.3
share of long term unemployed202168.1
GDP per capita in PPS of EU average202049
unemployment rate202117.3
employment rate202156.2
number of inhabitants2021709 808
population density201951.4
percentage of part time workers, men20218.41
percentage of part time workers, women202117.46
life long learning participation20213.8
youth unemployment rate202139.8
unemployment rate of youth with elementary education201682.3
old-age dependency ratio202141.1
gender gap in employment rate202172.39

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demographic pyramid EL61 Thessaly Region based on economic activity – employed, unemploye, inactive

Composition of population according to age group, education and economic activity, Thessaly Region

age grouplow educationmiddle educationhigh education

note: in thousands, according to labour force sample survey. P – total population, E – employed, U – unemployed, I – number of ecnomically inactive

demographic pyramid EL61 1996 Thessaly Region, population pyramid of Thessaly Region demographic pyramid EL61 Thessaly Region

Employment by sectors, Thessaly Region

J2.41 %
R-U4.72 %
F73 %
K2.31 %
O-Q74.929 %
A48.519 %
B-E31.312 %
M_N15.76 %
TOTAL257.7100 %
G-I70.227 %

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Employment by sectors, Thessaly Region, 2021From wikipedia: Thessaly (Greek: Θεσσαλία, romanized: Thessalía, [θesaˈli.a]; ancient Thessalian: Πετθαλία, Petthalía) is a traditional geographic and modern administrative region of Greece, comprising most of the ancient region of the same name. Before the Greek Dark Ages, Thessaly was known as Aeolia (Ancient Greek: Αἰολία, Aiolía), and appears thus in Homer's Odyssey.

Thessaly became part of the modern Greek state in 1881, after four and a half centuries of Ottoman rule. Since 1987 it has formed one of the country's 13 regions and is further (since the Kallikratis reform of 2011) sub-divided into five regional units and 25 municipalities. The capital of the region is Larissa. Thessaly lies in northern Greece and borders the regions of Macedonia on the north, Epirus on the west, Central Greece on the south, and the Aegean Sea on the east. The Thessaly region also includes the Sporades islands.


In Homer's epic, the Odyssey, the hero Odysseus visited the kingdom of Aeolus, which was the old name for Thessaly.

The Plain of Thessaly, which lies between Mount Oeta/Othrys and Mount Olympus, was the site of the battle between the Titans and the Olympians.

According to legend, Jason and the Argonauts launched their search for the Golden Fleece from the Magnesia Peninsula.

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subregions: Καρδίτσα, Τρίκαλα, Λάρισα, Μαγνησία, Σποράδες

Suggested citation: Michal Páleník: EU regions - Thessaly Region - EL61, IZ Bratislava, retrieved from: https://www.iz.sk/en/projects/eu-regions/EL61


Current statistics

December 2022: number of unemployed at the labour offices: 178143, of which 73275 are long term unemployed, unemployment rate 6.6 % (2.7 % long term unemployment)

Highest unemployment: Rimavská Sobota 20.8 % (13.0 %), Revúca 20.1 % (12.3 %), Kežmarok 18.0 % (8.9 %)

Lowest unemployment:: Bratislava V 2.6 %, Trenčín 2.8 %, Ilava 2.8 %, Bratislava I 3.0 %, Nitra 3.1 %