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Zeeland - NL34

EU regions: Netherlands > Western Netherlands > Zeeland

map of Zeeland NL34
flag of Zeeland NL34 coat of arms Zeeland NL34
long term unemployment20210.8
share of long term unemployed202122.6
GDP per capita in PPS of EU average2021109
unemployment rate20213.5
employment rate202182.7
number of inhabitants2021385 400
population density2019212.6
life long learning participation202125.1
youth unemployment rate20215.9
unemployment rate of youth with elementary education201610.4
old-age dependency ratio202139.8
gender gap in employment rate202187.2

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Composition of population according to age group, education and economic activity, Zeeland

age grouplow educationmiddle educationhigh education

note: in thousands, according to labour force sample survey. P – total population, E – employed, U – unemployed, I – number of ecnomically inactive

demographic pyramid NL34 1996 Zeeland, population pyramid of Zeeland demographic pyramid NL34 Zeeland

Employment by sectors, Zeeland

A8.24 %
B-E34.217 %
F7.54 %
G-I54.727 %
J4.92 %
K3.12 %
M_N19.810 %
NRP31 %
O-Q58.429 %
R-U6.93 %
TOTAL202100 %

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Employment by sectors, Zeeland, 2021From wikipedia:

Zeeland (, Dutch: [ˈzeːlɑnt] (listen); Zeelandic: Zeêland [ˈzɪə̯lɑnt]; historical English exonym Zealand) is the westernmost and least populous province of the Netherlands. The province, located in the south-west of the country, consists of a number of islands and peninsulas (hence its name, meaning „Sealand") and a strip bordering Belgium. Its capital is Middelburg. Its area is about 2,930 square kilometres (1,130 sq mi), of which almost 1,140 square kilometres (440 sq mi) is water, and it has a population of about 380,000.

Large parts of Zeeland are below sea level. The last great flooding of the area was in 1953. Tourism is an important economic activity. In the summer, its beaches make it a popular destination for tourists, especially German tourists. In some areas, the population can be two to four times higher during the high summer season. The coat of arms of Zeeland shows a lion half-emerged from water, and the text luctor et emergo (Latin for „I struggle and emerge").

other: Western Netherlands, Utrecht, Zeeland, North Holland, South Holland

neighbours: East Flanders, West Flanders, Province of Antwerp, South Holland, North Brabant

subregions: Zeeuwsch-Vlaanderen, Overig Zeeland

Suggested citation: Michal Páleník: EU regions - Zeeland - NL34, IZ Bratislava, retrieved from: https://www.iz.sk/en/projects/eu-regions/NL34