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Franche-Comté – FRC2

EU regions: France > Bourgogne-Franche-Comté > Franche-Comté

map of Franche-Comté FRC2
Life long learning
life long learning participation202314.4
Part time jobs and flexible employment
percentage of part time workers202319.92
percentage of part time workers, men20237.61
percentage of part time workers, women202333.05
Gender differences
gender gap in employment rate202395.95
gender gap in unemployment rate2023101.79
Graduates and young people
unemployment rate of youth with elementary education201740.1
Gross domestic product
GDP per capita in PPS of EU average202276
employment rate202372.5

wikidata Q60846019 Franche-Comté slovensky: FRC2

Subregions: Doubs, Jura, Haute-Saône, Territoire de Belfort


unemployment rate20235.7
youth unemployment rate202314
Long term unemployment
long term unemployment20231.1
share of long term unemployed202318.8


demographic pyramid FRC2 1996 Franche-Comté, population pyramid of Franche-Comté
number of inhabitants20231.179388e+06
population density202172.7
old-age dependency ratio202337.1
demographic pyramid FRC2 Franche-Comté

Employment by sectors, Franche-Comté

NACE r2%NACE r2%
A22.94 %B-E126.825 %
F32.66 %G-I95.819 %
K8.72 %M_N336 %
O-Q159.631 %R-U24.35 %
TOTAL515.1100 %

Data for the period year 2023. Source of the data is Eurostat, table [lfst_r_lfe2en2].

Employment by sectors, Franche-Comté, 2023

From Wikipedia : Torgau-Oschatz is a former district (Kreis) in the Free State of Saxony, Germany. It was bounded by (from the north and clockwise) the district Wittenberg in Saxony-Anhalt, the district Elbe-Elster in Brandenburg, and the districts Riesa-Großenhain, Döbeln, Muldentalkreis and Delitzsch.


The district was created in 1994 by merging the two previous districts Oschatz and Torgau, and 6 municipalities from the former district Eilenburg. In August 2008, as a part of the district reform in Saxony, the districts of Delitzsch and Torgau-Oschatz were merged into the new district Nordsachsen.


The main river in the district is the Elbe, which meanders through water meadows. The landscape is dominated by three heath areas, the Dahlener Heide (150 km²) in the south, the Düben Heath (110 km²) in the northwest, and partially the Annaburger Heide in the east.

Coat of arms

Towns and municipalities

External links

  • Official website (German)

Other: Bourgogne-Franche-Comté, Burgundy, Franche-Comté

Neighbours: Lake Geneva region, Espace Mittelland, Lorraine, Champagne-Ardenne, Vertonne, Burgundy, Rhône-Alpes

Subregions: Doubs, Jura, Haute-Saône, Territoire de Belfort

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