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Schleswig-Holstein - DEF0

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map of Schleswig-Holstein DEF0
flag of Schleswig-Holstein DEF0 coat of arms Schleswig-Holstein DEF0
long term unemployment20181.1
GDP per capita in PPS of EU average2017101
unemployment rate20183.2
employment rate201875.6
number of inhabitants20182 889 821
population density2017187.3
percentage of part time workers201829.94
percentage of part time workers, men201813.46
percentage of part time workers, women201848.27
old-age dependency ratio201835.8
gender gap in employment rate201891.04

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From wikipedia:

Schleswig-Holstein (German: [ˈʃleːsvɪç ˈhɔlʃtaɪn]) is the northernmost of the 16 states of Germany, comprising most of the historical duchy of Holstein and the southern part of the former Duchy of Schleswig. Its capital city is Kiel; other notable cities are Lübeck and Flensburg.

Also known in more dated English as Sleswick-Holsatia, the region is called Slesvig-Holsten in Danish and pronounced [ˌsleːsvi ˈhɒlsteːˀn]. The Low German name is Sleswig-Holsteen, and the North Frisian name is Slaswik-Holstiinj. Historically, the name can also refer to a larger region, containing both present-day Schleswig-Holstein and the former South Jutland County (Northern Schleswig; now part of the Region of Southern Denmark) in Denmark.


The term "Holstein" derives from Old Saxon Holseta Land, (Holz and Holt mean wood in modern Standardised German and in literary English, respectively). Originally, it referred to the central of the three Saxon tribes north of the River Elbe: Tedmarsgoi (Dithmarschen), Holstein and Sturmarii (Stormarn). The area of the tribe of the Holsts was between the Stör River and Hamburg, and after Christianization, their main church was in Schenefeld. Saxon Holstein became a part of the Holy Roman Empire after Charlemagne's Saxon campaigns in the late eighth century. Since 811, the northern frontier of Holstein (and thus the Empire) was marked by the River Eider.

The term Schleswig comes from the city of Schleswig.

other: SCHLESWIG-HOLSTEIN, Schleswig-Holstein

neighbours: Hamburg, Region of Southern Denmark, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Lüneburg Government Region

subregions: Plön District, Rendsburg, Mittelangeln, Segeberg, Steinburg, Stormarn, Flensburg, Kiel, Lübeck, Neumünster, Dithmarschen, Herzogtum Lauenburg, Nordfriesland, Ostholstein, Pinneberg


Current statistics

September 2019: number of unemployed at the labour offices: 168240, of which 58340 are long term unemployed, unemployment rate 6.1% (2.1% long term unemployment)

Highest unemployment: Rimavská Sobota 19.1% (11.0%), Revúca 17.9% (9.4%), Kežmarok 16.4% (7.5%), Rožňava 14.6% (7.9%), Vranov nad Topľou 14.5% (7.1%)

Lowest unemployment:: Bratislava V 2.4%, Trenčín 2.5%, Hlohovec 2.8%, Nitra 2.8%, Ilava 2.8%