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Minimal wages in Slovak regions

We respected needs, in order to minimal wages was at the level of Slovak average (about 34%) from the average wage in every region.

Table 1:

Region Expectation value of minimal wagePercentage gap against current minimal wageAbsolute gap
Bratislava district 10 147,00 Sk+34%2 547,00 Sk
Trnava district 6 979,00 Sk-8%-621,00 Sk
Trenčín district6 647,00 Sk-13%-953,00 Sk
Nitra district 6 346,00 Sk-17%-1 254,00 Sk
Žilina district 6 641,00 Sk-13%-959,00 Sk
Banskobystrický district 6 391,00 Sk-16%-1 209,00 Sk
Prešovský district 5 952,00 Sk-22%-1 648,00 Sk
Košický district7 361,00 Sk-3%-239,00 Sk
SR 7 600,00 Sk

Resource: ŠÚ SR (structure from the year 2004), own calculations

According to expectations the highest minimal wage would be in Bratislava district (above 10 000 Sk, thus about 36% more then current situation). The second highest one is in Košice district, about 200 Sk less than current minimal wage.

The lowest minimal wage should have been in Prešov district, lower than 1 650 Sk against the current time (difference 22%). In other Slovak districts minimal wage should have been at the level 6 300 Sk through 6 700 Sk. This is about 900 Sk through 1 300 Sk less than the current time. Difference is 13 – 17 % to the current situation.

We can see from these data, how economic situation in Bratislava region deform perception of statistics in Slovakia as a whole. While, minimal wage in Bratislava should have been 10 150 Sk, the average of other parts of Slovakia is 6 600 Sk (difference 3 550 Sk, Bratislava district would have minimal wage higher about 54 %, than other parts of Slovakia).

Therefore the idea of adopting minimal wage, according to regions of Slovakia, can reflect this gaps as advantage for employees, unemployed, as well as employers. In the another hand, deep increasing of minimal wage in Slovakia, can bring, that some regions would have minimal wage higher than average.

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